My week in pictures – Sunny Somerset, UK

Hello from England!
It’s Friday and i’m about to head back to London to meet Nathan. He is here on a work thing so we are meeting in London for the weekend before flying back to Dubai on Saturday evening.
I’ve had a lovely week, despite the poor internet and the chilly weather. As a full time blogger I reply on a speedy connection to see me through my working day. It’s rather fustrating when something takes much longer than it normally would. I can get a little impatient. Lol!
Anyway, on the plus side I did get to spend some time outdoors, and take in the beautiful countryside. This week I did the following… I made a daisy chain, went for a walk around a quaint little village, I did a bit of shopping in the local town and I drank more tea in one week than I have in the past 3 months.  I also spent an afternoon making chocolates with my mum and had traditional chips and ketchup with my sister by a lake. Overall it was a lovely little getaway, just what I needed.
And just for fun here are a few pictures from my week in Somerset…
Before I got the train to my mums place, I stopped to get some flowers from a flower stall at London Paddington…

The view from my train window…

My Mums garden & land…

My mums garden, which is soon to be a place for growing vegetables and salad.

Pretty white flowers…
My daisy chain 🙂

The other pretty village… (It looks like it should be on a postcard doesn’t it :))

All photos by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding.
Tune in later day for my usual Friday best bits!
Love Joelle x

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