My Winter Honeymoon – Part 2

It’s Sunday afternoon… how did that weekend go by so fast?
The Thursday before last,  I posted part 1 of our winter honeymoon. I know it’s a bit late but I’m finally posting part 2.
After Nathan and I spent 5 days in Zermatt, Switzerland, we took the Glacier Express (It’s actually the slowest ‘express’ train in the world) through the mountains to St. Moritz. It was an 8 hour journey, and it felt like a very long day. We left Zermatt in the morning and arrived in St. Moritz just in time for dinner. We had lunch on the train and bought a bag of nibbles from the local supermarket in case the train food was rubbish, it was OK I guess.

The views we were amazing, and it was quite magical passing through mountains and ski slopes. It was the longest but most beautiful train ride I’ve ever had.
Nathan and I spent 4 nights in St. Moritz before heading to Milan for 2 nights. St. Moritz is a small town filled with designer shops and fancy hotels. It was glamorous but maybe a little over rated, maybe because we arrived just as the peak season had ended. Either way it was still fun despite the lack of celebrities and fashionistas. lol.  Check out these photos from our horse sleigh ride.. it was freezing but rather romantic (and very touristy)

I also had my 2nd try at skiing and this time I did pretty well, the slopes in St. Moritz are much better for beginners. Nathan of course was bouncing around on his snow board showing off with his tricks and cool snowboarding moves. I was just happy to not fall over, and I managed to ski down the slopes without fear. That was a big achievement.

How cold do I look? lol…
Other than skiing for 2 days and wondering the town of St. Moritz we chilled out, relaxed by the indoor pool and did nothing. Like I said last week, it was bliss. 🙂
We had to fly back to Dubai from Milan so we squeezed in 2 nights at The Yard Hotel in Milan. It’s the coolest hotel ever, so quirky and chic. Check it out if you’re heading that way…

So after 2 nights in Milan we headed back to Dubai with way too much luggage for only 2 people. It really was the best honeymoon ever! I guess you could say it wasn’t the tradional troipcal honeymoon, but it really was bliss.

I’m going to try and do more features on honeymoons in the coming months, and if you want to share your story please get in touch. I would love to hear from you…
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Back tomorrow my lovelies.. x x x
P.S My Lovely Wedding photos will be posted on Tuesday!!!! Yay!!!

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