Nursery decor and a big baby bump…

Hello Lovelies,

I’m back… well, at least for today I am. I have a window of ‘free time’ and I thought I’d finally share my maternity shoot with you. I know, I probably should of posted this a while ago but I’ve been busy being a Mummy. So far my new role as a Mummy has been amazing, but at times I’ve been an emotional reck and so exhausted I’ve lost days. I’ll be blogging about my Mummy stuff later this week. (I have half a blog ready so far)

So back in late February when I was 36 weeks pregnant, Maria Sundin and Monica (MHG Beauty) spent the afternoon with me and my then ginormous belly, for an afternoon of homemade soup, and some pregnancy posing. (FYI I made the soup) I’d been putting off a maternity shoot for ages as I was just too tired to organise it, and when you’re feeling heavy and generally blahhhh the last thing you want is to have your photo taken, but luckily Monica is a makeup magician so she made me feel photo ready.

Looking back I can’t believe how round I was.

The Nursery Corner.

I refer to it as a nursery corner because we decorated half our bedroom for baby Adeline. Unfortunately we have to move later this year as our villa is being knocked down and replaced with apartments (Booooo) so we decided not to bother redecorating my office for the nursery, and to focus just on one side of our room.

I knew we were having a girl so I wanted a feminine and soft look, but not too girly or baby focused as it was also our room too. So I went for an animal theme using large cuddly toys as part of the decor with hints of gold, grey and touches of peach. We love animals in our family.  My favourite parts are the gold dots and the large grey giraffe that E-Walls made for me. I’d sit in bed picturing what it would be like and after spending hours on Pinterst scrolling through nursery photos I knew the giraffe would be the perfect addition to my large white wall.

I ordered a few pieces from Ivy Cabin, and sourced the pictures in the frames from Etsy. The white and rose gold chest of draws is an old ikea piece I upcycled and spray painted. The furniture is from West Elm  and the white Retro Crib is from Just Kidding. I also bought a few decorative pieces from The One and the large mirror is from IKEA

Oh by the way, this blog actually took 3 days to create and now i’m finishing it off with one hand while breastfeeding Adeline for the 100th time today. Typing with one hand is time consuming, but i’m getting the hang of it.

Massive thanks to Maria and Monica. I’ll be back soon!

Love and hugs…

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