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Online wedding stationery @ Classy Weddings

Olympia, is the girl behind this collection of wedding stationery. She designs wedding invitations all day every day from the comfort of her own home in Greece. She then sells them on a website called Zazzle.com This tech savvy designer has made it even easier for us to buy paper accessories by the push of a button. It’s a very simple process, and there are 100s of designs to choose from. All of the designs you see are completely customizable, and you can change the colour, font size on request.

My personal favorite is the love birds in a tree. It’s simple and so  cute. The stamps are really cool, and they are printed off on a sheet of 20, which makes it very cost effective. They are perfect for adding an extra touch when sending out your invitations or adding them to your thank you notes after your wedding. So, if you have a few minutes then check out Olympias huge collection of wedding stationery! And yes, they can deliver to the UAE! 

Happy shopping my lovelies! www.zazzle.com