Hibah + Sam’s coloruful Dubai wedding

What the brides Mum said…. Dearest Joelle, I haven’t had a chance to thank you yet for the most beautiful wedding set up ever! Forgive me as I’m still inundated with guests ❤️ hope all is well as will speak soon xxxx

What the lovely Hibah said… Joelle thank you so so much for everything! Absolutely perfect evening, couldn’t be more grateful for all your hard work 💓

I LOVED styling this wedding because it was so vibrant, fun and full of colour. The blue linen paired with a full table of colourful flowers, rustic terra-cotta touches and bright yellow lemons worked effortlessly together to create a relaxed yet gorgeous table set up. Hibah and her mum Lubah are both graphic designers and have a natural creative flare do they trusted me with the colour combos and table accessories. Hibah designed the stationery… it was epic!

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