Mina + Shean

Miss you and talking to you every other day. Wedding planning can be so addictive but a part of me is also really relieved that it all went well and the outcome was so beautiful. We really have to get together and go through some of the details again sometime soon. I guess it’s just my consultant mentality that needs a debrief and closure before moving on to the next project. But once again I’d like to thank you for all the amazing work and for doing us proud. We couldn’t have chosen a more suitable wedding stylist who was so in tune with our vision and style preferences. We were a great team and the outcome absolutely came to show that. I’ve never heard so much praise and compliments about any wedding. Everyone was extremely impressed and mind you these are people who have attended million USD weddings across the UAE and worldwide. Quite impressive I have to say. – MINA – Feb 2017

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