Ramadan Delights by Gourmelicious ♥

The Gourmelicious girls have been rather busy over the past few weeks and have even created their very own Arabian version of a traditional fruit cake to celebrate Ramadan. There is no better way of celebrating something than with a nice slice of cake. I know I say it a lot but who doesn’t like cake? The ingredients combine local dates and pistachios, and they’ve added rose water and orange blossom replacing the traditional liquor and juices that normally go into a fruit cake. I’m tempted to drive all the way to Abu Dhabi just to get myself one.

Rose water & orange blossom water are used in many Ramadan sweets and drinks which makes this cake the perfect sweet treat (or gift) for your family and friends during Ramadan.

They’ve also designed a Ramadan Moroccan style cake which looks more like a hand crafted cushion than an edible cake. The bright colors and motifs are created with 24 karat edible gold, which I’m told is quite expensive.. but totally worth it as it looks so pretty!
But if you’re looking for something a little smaller, or maybe something for yourself then I’d suggest ordering some of the date cupcakes with cinnamon frosting. Each cupcake is topped with a sticky date, which makes this the most perfect individual treat for Iftar.

For information please contact Sara at Gourmelicious. Contact number: 056 6012542
Have a wonderful day everyone.. x

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