Sequined Sensations…. by Lovely Leena

We are starting the day off with a fabulous piece by guest blogger Lenna from The Creative Workshop. (Because who doesn’t like to talk ‘shoes’ on a Monday morning?!)
A saucy pair of shoes has always managed to mesmerize me to no end, and enamor completely. Posing, pouting and walking the walk on an imaginary catwalk in my Mum’s pointy stilettos, came with a certain natural grace even at age six:) Something I like to think I still possess in rather generous proportions today! An obsession, a passion that has not diminished or dimmed with the test of time.
That swanky slant, the tantalizing arch like a well defined brow that elevates with sheer delight. The sublime expression of confidence that a nifty pair of towering heels doused in sparkles or encased in glimmering python leather, never fail to exude. The delicious attraction of these beauties has me head over heels in love with them time and again.
Gina shoes
And never more so than on that special day, when fairytales are born to transcend into reality……choosing that pair of sandals, peep toes, pointy divas or ballerina flats bordering on almost pure perfection is a decision that easily brings on a few if not more sleepless nights! Finding a pair with enough wow factor, that makes you feel like Grace Kelly wafting down a cloud decked aisle, is made easy by what I like to term as the “Queen Bee” of all shoes ever made 🙂 British to the core and steeped in handcrafted timeless sparkling extravagance, its Gina of course.
Gina Shoes
Fun and flirty incorporated into crystals cast like a sheath of gold, silver, bronze, aquamarine and many more aiming towards a pinnacle of perfection, they are simply irresistible. Melting hearts at ten paces or less:) Gina shoes have a look for any bridal eccentricity from sky scraper crossover fiery red dazzling sandals for the less traditional bride, to ballerinas is silver mist to go with a short and sassy bridal dress and the trademark flighty flip flops in molten gold for the beach wedding;) easy to slip on and off and put on some instant timeless glamour for that promise of forever.
Photo credits to  poshcamel.com & Dubai photographer razzleberryphotography.com
Lenna’s creative ways never fail to make me smile. If you fancy reading more of her work please check out her website http://thecreativeworkshop.me/index_js.html

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