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Pockets, splits, feather, shorts, shine – want more drama?

Although a classic white wedding dress will never go out of style, wedding dress designs are getting bolder and sometimes even crazier when creating new collections to attract everyone’s attention in the bridal industry. And… the inspiration is infinite. The latest collections are based on new interpretation of the classics, fresh alternatives to ivory and alabaster colors and some ‘best from past’ details of previous decades. Traditionalists will always be able to find the right dress for themselves, but nowadays, modern young ladies also have so much choice in the form of bridal suits, capes, overskirts, mini, midi, semi-transparent dresses and other not-so-classic models.

With 11 bridal collections, 8 of which are represented by us exclusively in the UAE, we want to point out a few tendencies that have appeared on the bridal fashion horizon for the past few years and will remain trendy still this season and the upcoming ones as well. 

Pockets – Have you ever thought about how good it will be to have hidden pockets in your own wedding dress? In case you have completely forgotten about this idea or have not yet encountered such a model, we have these models in our bridal shop. With the change of the generations and requests, the designers started adding small details to the dresses that make our lives a bit easier. Getting a wedding dress with pockets is good for many reasons, and honestly pockets can be found also on completely classic models. Let’s agree, that many don’t know what to do with their hands when taking pictures, talking to other people or speaking publicly. The pockets in your wedding dress will allow you not to break your head over where to place your hands at wedding photoshoot (and we are sure will make the life of wedding photographers much easier), as you will easily place them in your pockets while looking casual, elegant and confident. Of course, this is not the only reason to have this detail of your wedding dress. Hidden pockets can replace a small purse which you would have taken along anyways, you can easily hide a lipstick there or something that we can’t let go these day – our cell phones… for wedding selfies.  

Splits – Brides who want to show some skin will definitely go for a split on the skirt, a perfect dose of sex appeal on their wedding day. Even a classic-style wedding dress can have a split, and it will immediately distinguish you from a more conservative bride and will become a show-stopper element. Such wedding dresses are a perfect choice for outside, beach or garden weddings or also as a second wedding dress on your day.

Feathers – Romance and glam in one? Why not! Feathers are there to display a blend of both femininity and delicate sensibility. Some of the most famous wedding dress designers have opted for feathers as favorites in their latest collections. Wedding dresses decorated with feathers are the perfect blend of Hollywood glamour and bridal vibes. Any bride who chooses a dress like this will make perfect statement on her wedding day. 

Shorts – In the latest collections, many designers have introduced ‘wedding shorts’: A solution for the brides who plan small weddings mainly on the beach, islands and only for the photoshoots. This is also a perfect choice for the hen party celebrations on the beach or by the pool. Shorts-wedding-dress can be considered as a second wedding dress for the 2nd day of your wedding unless it is organized in non-traditional place. And while this trend may seem a little weird, if you think, you will find a lot of benefit to it.  You will definitely feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Shine and shimmer – something that some brides might find exaggerating, some will find as the best for the wedding dress to be – shine and sparkle all over! Some brands have presented full on shine collection to the brides, some just added tiny bling-bling details, but it is for sure that the sparkles are in trend this season and will be in the next ones as well. The shine gives a perfect regal look, a wonderful wow-effect and only think how the wedding lights will play with your dress on the wedding day. 

All the above-mentioned models and trends are available in Vanila Wedding Boutique in Dubai. We are happy to offer our brides-to-be the latest trends and styles. Don’t hesitate to browse through our full bridal collection on the web-site www.vanilastudio.ae and ask us anything via +971 50 785 8383.

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