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 Summer with MLW vendors – Kat at Vanila

Hi Lovelies,
So I’m taking a little break next week for the next few weeks. I’m flying to Perth to spend some time with my Dad and family, and obviously escaping the heat while I can. So In preparation of my vacation, I’ve prepared a few fun blogs from lovely vendors. Kat from Vanila is first up 🙂
So this is our second summer that we are spending here in the UAE together with the Vanila Team, as our second boutique opened its doors to the brides in March 2015. (If you are on the hunt for a wedding dress then Vanila is a must-visit for any bride-to-be in Dubai.
What’s been the highlight of the year so far?
Well, I can only say that we are only half way through this year and there is, of course, more amazing things to come. The year started with a great piece of news for us as we were awarded the Best Bridal Boutique of the UAE in February. That was the most emotional event and we are glad that we added up our awards collections together with our 3-times award winning sister-boutique from Russia.
Do you have any big plans for the next wedding season?
We have a 365-day wedding season, so it is not really the next wedding season. We are definitely expecting new arrivals of currently represented brands. We are planning to bring over some new brands as well, so stay tuned to our social media announcements if there is something specific you are looking for.
At the same, time I’d also suggest not to wait for something in the future if you feel that you have already found your dream wedding dress. The future collections might not have what you would prefer and might even disappoint you. So, once you feel the dress is yours, it is yours!
What will you be doing this summer? 
Working for sure, as we are always keen on introducing new services to our clients, on enhancing our collections both of bridal dresses and accessories. It is not as easy as it may seem, as the partners that we can rely on, in terms of quality and production time are extremely limited. We take lots of time and energy to build up this kind of relationship with designers and bridal accessories’ producers, so it is always hard work behind the scenes all the time.
Also, Eid holidays give a chance for a short runaway trip, as I’ll be travelling to Kenya. Very excited and looking forward to this tour in a big group of friends. Fell like I need some inspiration, new emotions and quality time with family and friends.
And, of course as you know that my sports hobby is karting, the racing season doesn’t stop even in this heat and it is actually even more challenging. So, I will keep on practising this summer long and taking part in different races around the UAE, which is also extremely emotional and fun.
Do you have any advice for a newly engaged bride-to-be?
The main advice I can give is when searching for a wedding dress it is very important to follow your heart, it is not about the brands or collections, about the body type or size, one has to fall in love with the dress, when the “it’s so mine!!!” should leave no space for a doubt in your heart. I believe in it, I believe that there is this magic that can happen.
If you missed the recent styled shoot I posted called ‘LOVE LETTERS’ check it out here, it features some gorgeous dresses from Vanila. 😉

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