Super Silver | Festive Table Decor ♥

I know, I know…Christmas is over, but we are still in the festive season, so why not take advantage and add some bling to your dining table. I created this master piece (well, not so much masterpiece.. more like ‘pretty silver themed table’) last week with the help of wedding photographer Maria Sundin. I used silver balls from my tree to create a fun centerpiece, with candles and small white flowers. It’s very simple but made the table really pretty. I’m also so in love with my sequin overlay. If you’re looking for fabric like this, then head to Dragon Mart! #Amazing!
MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_1MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_14MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_7 MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_2 MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_3 MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_4 MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_5 MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_6MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_8  MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_10MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_12 MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_11MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_13 MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_15 MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_16 MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_17 MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_18 MSPhotography_Xmas2_MLW_19OK my lovelies… I’m off for now, but will be back tomorrow. Happy Holidays!!!
Have a lovely afternoon everyone xx

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