The beautiful brooch bouquet…

Feeling inspired by Jill’s gorgeous brooch bouquet, I thought I would do some research into this fabulous new trend. Just because it’s so pretty.
Bridal bouquet inspiration
Vintage Bloom created a brooch bouquet, which is a one-off handmade masterpiece. If you go to their Facebook Page you can have a sneak peek there.
It is however, a little more expensive than your standard floral bouquet. {OK I lied, It’s a lot more expensive… } but it’s really really pretty. It’s also something you can keep forever, and maybe pass onto your own daughter one day.
Bridal bouquet inspiration
The details in these bridal bouquets are so unique. Can you imagine how long it must take to create a bouquet made from brooches and shiny little gems? I for one just don’t have the patience to create something like this. Hmm maybe that”s something I should work on?
Bridal bouquet inspiration
Feeling inspired by Pinterest, I’ve picked out some of my favorite bouquets for you to swoon over…
Bridal bouquet inspiration Bridal bouquet inspiration Bridal bouquet inspiration Bridal bouquet inspiration Photo credits; Top 2 images; JVR Photohraphy, http://jvrphotography.co.za/ Coulful daisy bouquet;  weddingchicks.com Colourful bouquet w/ blue; 3.bp.blogspot.com Peach detail & ivory bouquet;  etsy.com Silver bouquet; Pinterest user Jordan Jeffrey, Purple bouquet 1, casasugar.com Purple bouquet 2; Pinterest user Markie Lampkin Three Bridesmaids bouquets; weddingendeavorsbyjulie.com Vintage style bouquet; Pinterest user Kortney Smith, Hot pink with flowers; luulla.com
Top tip…
Mixing flowers with brooches is a great way of keeping the cost down, and adding some additional sparkle. I’m sure most florists in Dubai would be happy to add in your own personal touches, with brooches or gem stones. Just an idea 🙂
Happy Thursday everyone…

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