The E-Walls Wedding Event in pictures…

On the 5th October, E-Walls owner Lilliam, myself and Liesl from Aghareed spent the day soaking up the rays, burning some calories and generally melting in the Dubai sun. It was hot. Like, seriously hot. I had forgotten what setting up was like in the summer heat. OMG. The three of us had some serious sunburn, and quite frankly ended up looking like a sweaty mess. It was not my best moment. BUT it was all for something so fabulous! The E-Walls Wedding Event. Lilliam, a creative genius invested in a laser cutting machine over the summer and went on a mission to make just about everything you can with this impressive piece of machinery. The outcome was brilliant! E-Walls are now custom making signs, name tags, table numbers, wine holders, drink stirrers, signs and whatever else you can think of. The E-Walls team are best known for their vinyl stickers. I’m a big fan of the ‘sticker’ because it’s easy to use, budget friendly and they are super quick at sending me last minute orders for weddings. #Justsaying. Anyway, the event was organised to showcase the new products, along with some other fabulous vendors based in Dubai. A mix of wedding industry folk and press attended the event last week and left with a fabulous goodie bag. I hope these pictures give you a taste of what you missed. I’ll be blogging about the products next week!
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And wondering who made this event so pretty… here are a list of the lovely vendors. 
Photographer: http://paulascalco.com
Creative Concept & Styling: www.mylovelywedding.com
Planning & Co-ordination: http://www.aghareed.com
Location:  http://www.theaddress.com/en/hotels/the-address-montgomerie-dubai/
Stickers & Laser Cut Items: http://ewalls-s.com
Furniture: http://www.harlequin.ae
Flowers: http://www.firenzeflora.com
Table Décor: http://www.partysocial.ae
Invitations: http://designbylouma.com
Photo Booth: http://web.sharingbox.com
Wedding Dresses: http://www.houseofmoirai.com
Candy: http://ocandy.ae
Cake: http://www.cupncakesdubai.com
Gift Bag Printing: http://toilandtinker.com
Bespoke Candles: http://www.wallaceand.co
Dance Floor: http://www.dubaidancefloors.com

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