The most lovely bride & her lovely venue ♥

He proposed at the Top of The Burj Khalifa, and she said yes.
Lina & Mohanad got married on the 30th March 2012 at the Al Badia Golf Club, Festival City. This beautiful bride reminds me of myself, because for her love of design and attention to detail. Lina took care of every little thing to ensure her wedding day was just perfect…. here’s what she did. ♥

The Venue
Al Badia Golf Club, Dubai Festival City
The Proposal
He literally put me on top of the world when he popped the question on the 123rd floor of Burj Khalifa (How amazing is that?)
The Vision for the day
Gold and white, lace and pearl, simple and romantic
The Planning process
I did it all by myself, which wasn’t a very wise thing to do! As a designer, I wanted to be the one to take care of every single tiny detail, which kept me busy-minded on the wedding day itself, looking around, making sure everything was as planned, and getting distracted when finding tiny mistakes that people didn’t even notice. Nevertheless, I would still say that the whole planning process was fun, I was able to find and design everything exactly the way I imagined it.

The budget was enough to cover the wedding and honeymoon together and we managed to get the best of everything we wanted. Because we insisted not to compromise on quality we had to do a lot of research. And I would say that one advantage of planning yourself is that you get to cut down additional costs and fees you normally have to pay along the process.
Finding My Wedding Dress…
I turned to a friend and an amazing Lebanese designer, Akil Fakih, and in only 3 weeks, he gave me my dream dress. It was so perfect it felt like he was inside my head the whole time he was making it. Him and his team were extremely professional and friendly, and I walked out with the most beautiful dress ever.
My Lovely Accessories…
Pearl and Swarovski crystal earrings and bracelet that I took from my mother’s vintage collection. Crystal high-heel slippers and my favorite fragrance, Romance by Ralph Lauren.

Groom’s Threads…
Tuxedo, silver and black buttons and cuff-links, black bow-tie, tux belt and shoes all by BOGGI.

My Lovely bridesmaids…
I did not have bridesmaids, but was blessed to have all the wonderful girls in my life share that special day with me.
The Flowers…
Gypsophelia with peach roses

The Cake…
Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes decorated with golden pearls, and a whole chocolate cake as the top layer wrapped in golden lace.

My Details + Décor…
I did not need much décor because the venue itself was spectacular. All the tables had golden satin and tulle covers, vases were decorated with golden lace and the flowers had pearls hanging down each bouquet. The head-table had a big heart-shaped arch covered with Gypsophelia and peach roses as its background. And I picked a white dance-floor to match the theme.

Our Honeymoon…Toured Italy
Favorite moments…
Having everyone we love share that amazing day with us, especially seeing the happiness in our parents’ eyes, the photo-shoot and the dancing till we couldn’t feel our feet.

Advice for other couples…
Hire a wedding planner, but still be involved and add your own touch. Enjoy every minute, and forget about the obstacles because one day you will remember them and laugh. Be in love and have fun, that’s what it’s all about.

Credit for friends, family & suppliers…
Everyone who attended and everyone who made it a day to remember. My mother and sisters. Gilbert and Jenny el-Obeid for those long nights all 4 of us spent filling up and wrapping chocolate boxes. Paola Baba from Intercontinental Dubai Festival City. Nicky Lejeune and Lenny Muthiah the photographers and Ralph Beatingo the videographer, who all beautifully documented the day. Ramez Mohammed from Mramez Events. Sara Jane Thompson my makeup artist. Sameh the DJ. And the Intercontinental Dubai Chefs and entire team.

Also a massive shout out goes to Lina & Mohanad’s friend Joe. He’s now named Cupid and is the reason why these  two beautiful people met, fell in love and got married. ♥

LOTS more coming tomorrow… I have so many amazing photos from Lina that I need to share them all. 🙂 Have a lovely evening my lovelies.. x x x

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