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The must-have treatment for any bride-to-be

Two weeks ago I met Silvia, who is a distributor and lover of Nuskin. We were introduced at The Polo Club networking event and told me and some of the other girls about a brand called Nuskin. I couldn’t remember where I had heard this name, but I was sure someone had been talking about it not so long ago. I was intrigued about this brand because it’s all about the good stuff. If you read the ‘About section’ you’ll know what I mean by ‘good stuff’. Anyway, so I met Silvia last Thursday and she did a treatment on me, called ageloc. It was comforting knowing that my skin was getting a good dose of the ‘good stuff’. Before I go into any further details I’m going to suggest you watch the video below. This is exactly what Silvia did to me on Thursday, and I”m going to be totally honest and say…. I saw instant results. My cheeks felt firmer and I had a glow, the sort of glow you get after a really good facial. ♥

For the bride-to-be…
Yes, you may realise that this treatment is aimed for women in their early 30s to lock in that youthful skin, but no matter how old you are, as a bride-to-be this could be exactly what you need just before your wedding day.
Of course, all brides want to look their best on their big day, and having glowing skin, perfect makeup and glossy hair on the top of the list. You want to look like the perfect version of you.  Before all my skin drama I did spend about AED 400 every 6-8 weeks having facials, and to be quite honest it made no difference. But, if I had known about Nuskin, I could of saved myself a lot of time, effort and money.
Silvia explained to me that to see results you need about 3 treatments within 10-14 days of each other. This is perfect for the bride to be, as they are quick, hassle free and only AED 450 for 3 sessions. Yep, that’s only AED 450 for the lot.  (cheaper than a facial right?!) Believe me ladies, it’s totally worth it, and even though I’m not a bride-to-be (sad face) I am going back for regular treatments. I figured it’s good to keep myself looking young, and wrinkle free for as long as possible. 😉
Oh and guess what… these celebs use Nuskin too.
A bit about NUSKIN.
Nuskin has been on the market for 28 years and are present in 53 markets/countries. It was founded by 3 Americans who wanted the focus to be on the products – all of the good and none of the bad. In the beginning they put all their investment behind the products and this resulted in clients having to bring their own pots to put the creams in as there was no money left for packaging. Today they have a yearly turnover of U$ 2 billion and by year 2020 they plan for a turnover of U$ 5 billion!! They are on the New York stockmarket (NUS) and has been voted the 5th most trustworthy company by Forbes Magazine.
Since they started they have invested a massive U$ 1.5 billion in research and are today perceived as one of the top companies in the world when it comes to product quality and anti-aging product development.
The success is due to the people involved in the company and the amount of money they still invest in product development. When you go into Nuskin’s web-site you will find further information on the panels of professors and other scientists.
Nuskin has 3 legs, one is the skin-care/anti-aging range, the second is the nutritional products and the 3rd is the ‘culture of giving’. The latter is Nuskin’s and the people working with Nuskin’s way of giving back some of their profit to people less fortunate. They have the ‘force for good’ which is an agricultural program where people from villages in Africa go to school to learn more about agriculture and bring this knowledge back to their village. The second is ‘Nourish the children’. This is Nuskin’s scientist collaborating with experts in child malnutrition and resulting in the development of Vita Meal. One bag of Vita Meal holds 30 child-sized meals. Nuskin’s clients and staff subscribe to these bags and hence nourish children.
As you can see from the press, we now know how Brad Pitt stays so gorgeous…  ♥
All images provided by Silvia @ Nuskin
If you’d like to know more about Nuskin or book appointment please call Silvia on +971 50 669 60 49 ♥

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