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The Perfect Table Plan ♥

Going morning
I hope everyone had a super fun weekend?
This morning I wanted to share with you my new find, it’s this amazing software called the Perfect Table Plan. You’ve probably guessed it from the title but it’s for planning your wedding tables. It’s so easy to use and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be really useful for the staff at The Montgomerie. I have menu options and will need to submit my final meal choices for each guest at the end of December. Giving them a detailed summary of who’s sat where and what they have ordered is going (hopefully) make things go silky smooth on the day.
So if you’re planning your own wedding and you don’t have a wedding planner then this might just be $29 well spent. Yes, its $29 to download the full package but it’s totally worth it.
Check it out…

It also gives you a summary of who’s sat on what table and what they are having for dinner… being organised is so much fun 😉

So my lovelies, if you do need to work on a table plan then this is what I’d recommend. It really is $29 well spent. Check out their website www.perfecttableplan.com
Happy planning x x

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