The Polo Club networking event ♥

Good afternoon my lovely readers…
Last night I attended the wedding network event at The Polo Club. It’s was a small gathering of wedding professionals and brides-to-be. What was the purpose of this event? Well someone did ask me, so I thouhgt I’d explain.
The Yacht Club, Polo Club, Arabian Ranches Golf Club and The Address Montgomiere are all under the same management. And, what you also might not realise is that Emma Pope, who’s like the queen bee of all wedding events, is the director of all 4 venues. She’s an ex wedding planner, so she literally is the perfect events manager to be helping you plan your wedding at one of these lovely venues.

So what did you miss last night? Hmmm, cupcakes, canapes, wedding chat, more wedding chat and of course champagne. Unfortunately for me I was driving so I was sipping away at my mocktail all evening. I did however manage to indulge in the canapes, as that was lunch and dinner. I had a very busy day yesterday and it’s not often that I don’t have time to eat. I love eating… but yesterday really was busy and I skipped lunch. My Mum would not be impressed. lol Actually I’ve just realised it’s 4pm and I haven’t had lunch. Oh well!

My lovely photographer Sarah C was there to capture the event on camera… ♥
This is my lovely table, it’s a bit small but did the exactly what it was supposed it. Let brides know that I’m here to help with wedding decor and styling. Bride Club ME were also there, as well as Fabulous Day events, and Elizabeth Di Naya Bridal. It was a small but classy event which I really enjoyed. I made friends with Rio from Bride club 🙂 (thank you Dee from Heel Stoppers), and mixed with a few other wedding professionals that I had yet to meet. Overall a smashing evening! Thanks Polo Club!

All photos by Sarah C.
Back later with news on a very exciting in store event… and it involves SHOES!!!!

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