The sweetest homemade gift I've ever seen

Last week my friend Louise left Dubai and flew all the way to Australia. After 5 amazing years in the sandpit, she decided to make a move, and try something new. Ok she was also sort of promoted, and is really smart… so it was no wonder her company wanted to send her half way around the world to the trendy city of Melbourne. 😉 As a spiritual kind of person, and a very kind and caring one too… she left us with a goodie bag of thoughtful wishes.
The hand made gift was full of little surprises, which made my eyes teary and my heart ache… I thought I’d share this with you today because it’s such a thoughtful gift, and would make a wonderful gift for a bride, or bridesmaid.
The bag included..
Glitter, crayons, a marker pen, a safety clip, a candle and a little bracelet from the sparkle fairy. Scroll down for the little wishes…
All images by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding
So cute isn’t it! Love love love!!!
Big hello to my lovely Louise all the way in Australia.
Back on the blog tomorrow! x

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