The way he looks at her.

As everyone stands and turns their heads, she slowly walks arm in arm with her father. Eyes are filling with tears and that special moment has come when everyone sees the bride in her perfectly fitted dress walking down the aisle.
He looks at her with watery eyes and a smile so proud, it’s obvious his love is true. It’s my favourite part. If I’m lucky enough to stay and watch the ceremony I always look at him. His reaction melts my heart. It brings back so many heartwarming memories of my own wedding day. I don’t remember anyone else looking at me, and to be honest I didn’t care what anyone else was thinking. That moment you meet at the altar and he takes your hand is one of the most incredible moments, and of course, it should be captured on film.
Here are a few of my favourite grooms from over the years. Of course, I’ve included a photo of my own wedding day.
View More: http://mariasundinphotography.pass.us/bt View More: http://mariasundinphotography.pass.us/btitsoura - saif and nadia- full-72 Maria_Sundin_Photography_Wedding_Dubai_Magnolia_Al_Qasr_Gemma_Ryan-180 Maria_Sundin_Photography_Wedding_Dubai_Magnolia_Al_Qasr_Gemma_Ryan-165 bwes-2752015-05-12_0034 2015-05-12_0036 2015-05-12_0045Joelle + Nathan's wedding 2015-09-07_0038 2015-09-07_0050
Photography by Maria Sundin, ItSoura, Abbi Kemp, Goldfish Photography + Video.
Wedding Celebrant: HS Celebrants 
Happy wedding planning everyone. xxx

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