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Tim + Yuries Garden Wedding at Magnolia, Al Qasr Dubai

Magnolia is by far one our favorite wedding venues in Dubai. We have created so many pretty set ups there and most of them all had their own twist. I personally favor wood chairs and simple off white linen with lots greenery but we have been lucky enough to have some clients with a love for color and all things fun.

Last November, Kara and I helped Tim and Yurie with their wedding at Magnolia, and to be honest we didn’t have a huge decor budget, it was a challenge to create something that wasn’t going to cost a lot and still be pretty enough to wow guests. We decided to focus on plants, and luckily for everyone it was just perfect. Greenery can be just as beautiful as flowers, and at times even more so. With only a small decor budget to play with we decided not to use a flower company and they trusted me to ‘DIY the flowers. I used what I had in my inventory and this is what we created… (*this was pre flower school) 🙂

EVERYTHING on the tables… the candles, vases, plants, flowers and place mats were provided by MLW and currently sit waiting in my storage unit to be used again. So, if you like what you see then hit me up. I can’t wait to get back to this gorgeous venue soon.

We should also shout out to our amazing vendor buddies…
Photography: Maria Sundin
Chairs: Party Social 
Stationery: Mona Makes
Sound + Light: Fushsia Events 
Planning: Kara at My Lovely Wedding 

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