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To cut or not to cut – A beauty blog by Monica. {MGH Beauty in Dubai}

Hey Folks,
Today I’m back with Monica with a rather hairy subject (sorry, I couldn’t resist lol) – Should you cut your hair before your wedding day? It’s one of those questions she gets asked a lot, so she thought she would blog about it. Good news for us!
To cut or not to cut……
I am frequently asked by my beautiful brides if they should cut or trim their hair before their special day, so I decided to share my thoughts on this subject and give you tips and all the info you need to make the best decision for you.
A blog by Monica at MHG Beauty for My Lovely Wedding
Haircut vs Trim:
First of all it is very important to understand the difference between a haircut and a trim, and no, it’s not only about length. You can actually get a haircut without cutting any length. A haircut is focused on giving your hair shape, movement and adding or reducing volume depending on your hair type and the look you are going for. A trim is basically cutting the ends of your hair but keeping exactly the same shape you have at the moment. So if you are not able to style it anymore, a trim will not make a difference. If you want to be able to style it but not loose length, a haircut is your answer. If you are being able to style it but feel your ends are damaged, then go for a trim.
A blog by Monica at MHG Beauty for My Lovely Wedding
Make sure to choose the hairstyle you want for your wedding first. If you love those messy up-dos with pieces of hair hanging out or a side fringe, you need to make sure you have a few layers in front and that your fringe has the perfect length for that day. Sometimes if you hairstylist is also a hairdresser, having him or her cut it for you is a good idea since they know exactly what they need to do to achieve your style.
A blog by Monica at MHG Beauty for My Lovely Wedding
If your wedding day is coming very soon, don’t try anything new. You don’t want to have any regrets and not have enough time to fix it before your big day. Having short hair and wanting a style that requires long hair can be solved with hair extensions. Extensions are also good for adding volume. Just make sure to get them once you hair has the exact color you will have on your wedding day so that your hairdresser can match the extensions to it and they look as natural as possible.
A blog by Monica at MHG Beauty for My Lovely Wedding
If you decide to cut your hair, I would suggest you do it two to three weeks prior to your wedding day, just so you get used to it and if any changes need to be made, you have time to make them.
An interesting and important fact is: Hair is always easier to style and looks gorgeous when healthy.
To happy good hair days!
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