To theme or not to theme…

This subject got me thinking, and while I love themed weddings I’m not so sure everyone else does. A carnival themed wedding might seem like a good idea right now but will you regret the bold statement in say 10 years time? Whatever theme or style you’re swaying towards I suggest taking your time. I mention this now because I recently met up with one of my lovely brides who is getting married next April. When I first met her back in late 2013 she had planned to marry in February 2014. However, due to personal reasons they pushed the wedding date back. When I compare our original ideas I can see an obvious change, a development in style, in the detail. A previous desire for rustic chic burlap runners has been replaced by classic white crisp linen. While we are going to keep some rustic elements, the overall design has been tamed. I’d say it’s more elegant with a touch of raw nature. Maybe more sophisticated?
Rustic Themed Engagement Party
When I got engaged I was overwhelmed with ideas and excitement. I knew immediately that I wanted tall wild willow centerpieces with touches of white and green flowers. I also wanted a beach wedding surrounded by candlelight. I wanted to hear the sound of the waves crashing, and I wanted my best friends to dance barefoot with the sand between their toes. Fast forward 3 months and I soon discovered that my dream beach wedding would not be possible. If you’ve read the ‘About Page’ on my blog you will know that I spent weeks and weeks hunting for the perfect venue, and just as I was at my breaking point we discovered The Address Montgomerie. I fell in love with the venue and just like that my dream of a beach wedding vanished into thin air. I was drawn to the spacious green lawn and surrounding trees; it remind me of home. I didn’t feel like I was in Dubai, and even though I wanted to give our guests the ‘Dubai Experience’ I knew this was more our style. It was similar for my April bride, she changed venues and with a new venue comes new ideas.
Joelle & Nathan Wedding
So with this in mind I decided to dig out my first wedding sketch book and take a trip down memory lane. I collected pictures, noted down ideas and created mood boards using stickers, craft materials and magazine cuttings. And you’ll never guess what… my theme didn’t change one bit. As I flipped over the pages it brought back memories of planning my wedding, some not so good, some stressful and some really amazing.
My first ideas - sketch book by Joelle
So my advice to you today is take time to think about your style, try to do what makes you happy, and make your wedding personal. Window shopping can also provide inspiration with fabrics, colours and textures. I also suggest that you jot your ideas down in a notebook, even keep a diary.  (just like I did) I assure you it will all come in handy when you get to the “styling” part of your wedding.
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