TWG Grand Wedding Tea @ Dubai Mall

Last week I was invited to a morning of tea tasting. ..such a sophisticated young lady I am indeed. I spent my morning with my new PR friend Mia, at TWG Tea Salon & Boutique in Dubai Mall.
TWG Tea is the world’s finest luxury tea brand, and they an exclusive wedding collection. I’d walked past this Tea Salon & boutique so many times, but I had yet to discover that TWG make over 1000 different teas worldwide. Impressive I know! You should see the menu! I was showed around the boutique, which is quite frankly…. very English and very proper. After  my introduction, Mia and myself sat down, and I began my taste testing. We started with the Grand Wedding Tea. A tea just for weddings… amazing!

We were served a colourful selection of macaroons, all tea infused of course, and the small cake called the Singapore Surprise. The surprise, was that it was absolutely scrumptious. I have no idea what was in it,  but I could of eaten the whole thing. Over the course of an hour I tried 3 teas, The Grand Wedding Tea, The Valentine Breakfast Tea, and the Immortal Moment Tea. And… I drank them without milk. I had no idea that black tea was actually quite delicious. I’ve been converted!

So, let me tell you about the Grand Wedding Tea
TWG Tea’s Grand Wedding Tea is special, it’s unique and from my own personal experience it’s smooth, fruity and much nicer than your regular black tea.
The black tea has been carefully blended with pure white blossoms, as fragrant as a bride’s bouquet, and a scattering of exotic fruits which lend their soft, honeyed sweetness to this intoxicating blend.

This tea would be perfect for an afternoon wedding reception, served with sweet macaroons or wedding cake. Can you imagine how lovely it would be to have ‘Grand Wedding Tea’ on your wedding day? I really wish I had known about it before my wedding. I had afternoon tea with traditional cucumber sandwiches, salmon blinis and scones, and yes it was an English theme. 🙂
The Grand Wedding Tea is AED 30 per 50g of loose tea and AED 184 for the Grand Wedding Tea Caviar tin.  So, for an afternoon wedding this would be a much more affordable option than bubbly.
It would also make a beautiful gift for the bride, or brides family. The packaging of all the products at TWG are put together so well. I think it’s a very classy gift idea.
For more information on TWG Tea please check out the website or visit the Tea Salon at Dubai Mall. It’s located near the waterfall on the ground level.
Have a lovely day… back tomorrow! x

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