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Valentines day with Vintage Bloom ♥

Ladies… this one is for you to pass onto your man. As you know, it’s Valentines day this month and now is the time to start dropping a few reminders to your man. I’d say most men are pretty good (according to my friends) at remembering valentines day, and not forgetting to order flowers… but then again I do remember seeing a huge line up of men in Waitrose with flowers at 6pm on Valentines day last year. Anyway, it wouldn’t do any harm to casually send him the link would it? Just in case 😉
Vintage Bloom have created 3 beautiful arrangements which all come with cake pops… (um, flowers and cake… yes please)
To order  one of these lovely arrangements please call… 050-3986419 or 055-1088576 
 Arrangements & Prices…
1.Dhs 400 with cake pops 

2. Dhs 350 with cake pops

3.Dhs 300 with cake pops 

For more on Vintage Bloom check out their website  www.vintage-bloom.com or facebook page…www.facebook.com/VintageBloomDubai
Back tomorrow with my all my lovely wedding photos… eeeek! x x

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