Well I can honestly say that I quite enjoyed my first ever spray tan. Shauna, Managing Partner for Vita Liberata, came to my apartment last Wednesday morning. She was equipped with a little trolley case and a pop out tent, the kind of tent you can stand in, not the camping kind. As we briefly chatted about My Lovely Wedding, the dos and don’t of getting a tan and general girlie chit chat I began to relax. To be honest I was a little nervous stripping down to just a disposable thong in front of a stranger, but the chit chat relaxed me.
Shauna set up the tent in my bedroom and unpacked her kit, a spray machine and some handy wet wipes. After applying cream the areas that are most likely to go darker, my hands, feet, eye brows and elbows, we were ready to rock and roll. The spraying bit was easy and it didn’t take that long. After I was fully sprayed I then slipped into a light black summer dress and spent the rest of the day trying to avoid getting my feet licked by my dog Charlie. (weirdo)
Anyway, I wasn’t allowed to shower until the next day and I had to be careful washing my hands too much. To my surprise it didn’t really smell and I hardly noticed it as I went about my day. When I did eventually shower I noticed the tan come off in the shower, but it was to be expected. The colour was even, and I felt like I had a natural glow. For a full 4 days I felt like I had been to Ibiza and then it gradually faded. Even now, after 6 days I still have a slight glow, which I quite like. 🙂 So overall, my experience  was pleasant and I probably would go for it again if I had an event or a party to go to. For my own wedding day I won’t be needing a tan as my dress has sleeves and it’s vintage so can’t take the risk. BUT If you’re into tanning and can’t be bothered sitting out in the sun for hours on end then this is for you. AND Shauna comes to your house… how awesome is that?! (First in Dubai to do this…) Plus she’s a real sweetie… bonus!

  • Price: AED 180 per visit
  • Shauna will go to any location in Dubai
  • The tan lasts for 6-7 days

My tan…

Shauna & the tent 🙂
For more information on the brand please contact Shauna by email or visit the website

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