I recently visited the new Vida Hills and I was so impressed. Every inch of the hotel is shiny and new and it’s quite obvious that the interior design team have done an extremely good job at making this new property inviting, cool and comfortable. The hotel isn’t huge and when you first arrive it feels a little strange because the reception is on the 1st floor, but once you step out of the elevator on level 1, you instantly feel relaxed. The contemporary lighting was of my favorite parts of Vida Hills as well as the neutral color pallet that flows through the hotel’s open spaces.

The ballroom is designed for intimate weddings up-to 80-100 guests, but they also have some amazing outdoor spaces that are perfect for small gatherings and events. Again, the color pallet is neutral and there is not an ugly overpowering carpet in sight, nor is there any over the top chandeliers. It’s simple and chic.

The pool isn’t too big and would be perfect for an evening reception for 80-150 guests. I love the bar which will be opening soon. The interior is awesome, and it has a homely vibe with just enough quirkiness that makes you want to Instagram every shelf in sight. I personally love it all and being bit of a interiors lover myself I knew where most of the accessories came from, which made it even cooler.

But back to weddings. This venue is perfect for couples who don’t have big bucks to spend, or perhaps are looking for something simple and stylish. Unlike some of the other venues in Dubai, you don’t have a huge minimum spend to meet and their packages are reasonable, extremely reasonable.
So if you are on the hunt for a wedding venue or perhaps somewhere to celebrate your best friends baby shower then please check out Vida Hills. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 🙂
Contact Ms Lata for more info. Email: LKolbaia@vidahotels.com | Tel:  +971-4 872 8805

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