What I didn't tell you…

Hello my lovelies,
While I’ve been slowly organising myself and getting back into a work routine, I’ve been thinking about the stress factor. At the time you don’t really realise how much stress your under, until you look back, take a deep breath and think to yourself, wow I was actually quite stressed. At the time I was sure I wasn’t stressed… just ‘busy’. But actually I was stressed, and here’s why….
Let me take you back to the 10 days before my wedding day.
The following things happened that I really didn’t plan for…
A bride-to-be with no phone is NO joke.
Nathan kindly bought me an iPhone for Christmas, I’d been planning of getting one for ages as I figured it would be good for the blog and keeping up to date with twitter and Facebook when I’m out and about. Since I was using a blackberry, I had to cancel that sim card and connect to a new iphone sim, this was supposed to take 24 hours max…. oh no, it took about 10 days. So over the most important week of my life I was without a phone. It was a nightmare! Not only did I have suppliers trying to get through to me, but I had friends and family flying into Dubai, so they couldn’t get hold of me either. The day before the wedding I borrowed Nathan’s phone and tried to manage with that. It was one extra thing I just didn’t need at that time. No phone = more stress!
My skin went ruby red… laser treatment is a NO NO!
2 weeks before the big day I had gone to a dermatologist.  With my stress levels rising I wasn’t feeling or looking my best and I was worried my ‘reoccurring spot’ would come back to haunt me on the day of my wedding. I know lots of girls who get these around certain times of the month… if you know what I mean!? I’m not going to name and shame the clinic or the doctor but without a detailed examination (literally a quick look) the doctor gave me some cream and told me to come back 5 days later. I went back and to cut a long story short, she treated me with laser treatment and burnt my face, leaving me red raw and very embarrassed. The pain was so intense that I started to cry and  I was crying rather dramatically the whole way home. I looked awful, and at the time I was so upset by the whole thing that I couldn’t face putting this experience on the blog for the world to see.
Luckily my friend Clare put me in touch with a her friend who is a skin specialist, she saved me and gave me some miracle cream which eventually settled my skin and the redness disappeared. (it was cream for burns) I was expecting something to go wrong as everything so far had been going to plan (apart from the phone bit) but it turns out this wasn’t it…
My maid of honour/best friend/sister couldn’t come to the wedding 🙁
Just before Christmas my mum in the UK called me to tell me that my sister Nicole was in Hospital with Appendicitis. She spent 5 days in hospital over Christmas and confirmed just after that, that she wouldn’t be coming to the wedding. I was heartbroken. I was heartbroken and couldn’t get my head around the idea that she wouldn’t be there by my side. But, I had to come to terms with it and remember that her health was more important than anything.
My table plan had to be changed due to my sister not coming. I moved my friend Clare to our head table and had to move a whole bunch of people around due to there being lots of gorgeous single girls and not many single men. It was an odd balance but we made it work.
So my advice to you is, as much as you plan for your perfect wedding, you will face challenges and be stressed, and maybe at times turn into a bridezilla but it’s your wedding day, so no matter what it WILL be the best day of your life.
I will be back later this afternoon with part 2 of my honeymoon. x x x
P.S Hope you all had a lovely weekend… in the rain!

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