Wishing it was winter…

While browsing one of my favorite websites; Love.rly I spent the first 30 minutes swooning over their real weddings, and daydreaming about my next 6 weddings. That’s right, I have 6 weddings coming up and my mind is working over time. So I decided to take a break and click on over to the ‘shop’ section at  Love.rly. No harm in looking right? Anyway, I stumbled across the bridesmaids page and discovered 100s of bridesmaid dresses in so many different designs and styles. Even if you’re not going to order a dress online and ship it to the UAE, it’s still worth taking a little look and getting some inspiration.  Even if you’re not looking for a bridesmaid dress you can never go wring with a little black dress.
While the other half of the world are wrapped up warm in winter boots and stylish winter capes, I’m currently enjoying the 20c something temperature and wishing it were cooler. Truth be told… I LOVE winter. I truly love it more than summer.  Kinda strange as I live in Dubai and it’s always warm here. BUT it is February which means it’s still technically winter right??
There is nothing better than styling simple black dress with a pair tights and classic black pumps. I’m also very jealous that I can no longer wear my winter cape, which I picked up from Bloomingdales back in December.
So just because I can, and I haven’t used Polyvore in a while I thought I’d create my very own winter wish list, with a wedding twist. {Because the Zac Posen dress is actually a bridesmaid dress} #thatsthetwist
Wishing it was winter
Wishing it was winter by joelleclute featuring pine cone home decor

Visit Lover.ly for more wedding loveliness and Polyvore for all your fashion fixes.

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