Wow your guests with a candy bar! ♥

Candy bars, candy stations, candy tables, or whatever you want to call them have always been a crowd pleaser. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good candy bar at a wedding. I love candy… it’s amazing, I’m like a big kid with a sweet tooth, and I hope I never grow up. (unless my dentist tells me I have to 🙁 )
Candy bars are great because they look amazing, and  it’s something that won’t break the bank! They don’t have to be huge, or really fancy, just make sure you have enough to feed all your guests. 🙂  A nice idea is to leave bags, so that guests can take their sweets home after the big day. I saw this at a friends wedding and it was awesome. Everyone was overly excited by the whole concept…and after a long day, a sugar high was exactly what was needed. From my memory, most guests were dancing with bags of candy in their hands and ate through there bag before then even left.  Awhhh a night to remember!
Anyway, I thought I’d put some sweet inspiration together for you this afternoon…

A few tips when planning your candy bar…

  • Decorate the table with the same theme as your overall wedding
  • Stick to either the same colour shades as your wedding or neutral colours so it doesn’t clash too much
  • If you don’t have a theme, then go for multi-coloured candies – just because you can!
  • Make labels so it’s easy for your guests to know what they are eating

If you’re going for a rustic candy bar, use chocolates, and natural wood colours… as you can see form the picture above it really does look amazing!

And my last tip would be not to eat too much candy when you’re putting together your table. It’s tempting, but save it for the after party.;-)
Credits; Floral candy table w/ flower;  fabulouslywed.com Large jar w/ skittles & white boxes; weddingchicks.com Rock sticks in jars; capitolromance.com Pink table w/ pom poms; theweddingco.com Burlap overlay candy bar; weddingchicks.com Rustic brown candy table; mindyrice.com 2nd rustic wedding images;  projectwedding.com Candy bunting table w/ hard sweets in jars; stultz5607.c4.cmdwebsites.com Toffee apples; bridalguide.com Close up photo of lolly pops; google.co.uk pop corn & cones; Pinterest.com
P.S If you’re wondering where you can big glass jars… check out dragon mart! My first post on dragon mart has some good info… 😉 https://mylovelywedding.com/?p=3127

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