You're engaged!!! Wahooo! Welcome to my world!

Getting married in Dubai? You’ve stumbled across the right place. I have over 1400 blogs about weddings in Dubai. (Yes, I’m a little wedding obsessed but totally normal and not weird at all. Well, kinda) My obsession with weddings hit me hard as soon as I got engaged. The moment Nathan slipped on that engagement ring my whole world changed. Flowers, decor and table set ups were a daily search and thats pretty much what inspired me to create my blog. My Lovely Wedding started as a blog and organically grew into something so much more. Today my main business is styling weddings and small events but the best part about what I do is connecting with the client. Actually I never use the word client, bride is way better, or groom. 😉 I don’t do this for the money, I do it because I just really really love weddings, and I’m a sucker for love. I’m a terrible business person because I’d rather make something look more pretty than profit more money. I’m a creative, I think thats standard right? Anyway, so if you’ve stumbled across my blog and are looking for a wedding planner or some help with styling  your wedding then you’ve come to the right place. We would love to hear from you. Drop us an email and say hello.
OK over and out! Have a lovely day.
Joelle x

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