37 days until my lovely wedding day… ♥

Hello my lovelies,
As you all know I’m getting married in only a matter of weeks, actually it’s in 37 days and yes, I’m counting. I thought I’d give you an update on what’s been happening…
Bridal tears…
Until last Thursday I didn’t feel stressed or worried about anything, until I picked up my wedding dress, drove home, put it on and realised it was way too big for me. I then began to cry. I literally broke down in tears and for the first time in a while I really really needed my mum. At my last fitting I tried my dress on with no underwear and because it’s vintage there is only so much we can do to alter the size. Panic hit, tears shed and the stress button had been pressed. I’m pretty sure every bride goes through the same thing, whether its the decor, the dress or deciding what your guests are going to eat. It can all get too much and that’s when you need to stand back, take a deep breath and relax.
After I got out of my dress and into my pj’s (yes, I got into my pj’s at about 5pm on Thursday evening, a bit sad isn’t it lol) I called my Mum and had a sob down the phone. 25 minutes later everything seemed a whole lot better. I don’t know what it is about my Mum’s words of wisdom but they seem to work. I also called my lovely tailor Anne. She’s what I like to call my surrogate Mum during my dress fittings. She’s got a natural mumsie feel about her and I trust her opinion and expertise. She reassured me it would be perfect, and I believe her. Panic over, and I now have another fitting booked for tomorrow.
So, I’m currently in the process of painting 17 wood crates. I’m exhausted just thinking about the last 5 I need to paint. I’m very lucky that my Uncles carpenter has made them for me (to the exact size required) and all I needed to do was give them a coat of wood stain. A full report coming soon…

Oh and check out my little Charlie having a good sniff at the crates, she was very intrigued indeed.
Other bits of DIY include, decorating my jam jars with lace and string… again, I’ll update you fully later this week. It’s pretty easy though, and I’m recycling. Yay!
I’m also went to the Montgomerie today to take table measurements for my lace table runners. I found some lovely white lace in Satwa for only AED25 a yard, it’s cheaper than buying them in a shop and it’s something else we get to keep after the wedding. Sweet!
The wedding menu…
Last Friday Nathan & I had a dinner at the Montgomerie, but it was a very special dinner. It was our tasting dinner, it was awesome and I wish I could do it every week. They brought out each course and we had to munch it down and basically say if it was a yes or a no. Luckily for all of us, we enjoyed everything, with only a few small changes. So excited to tell you all what we are serving. I’m actually sending out the menu options to our guests today so maybe by the weekend I can give you a sneak peak of our menu. It actually makes me a bit hungry thinking about it… hmmmm yum.

And right now my brain is a bit fuzzy so I’m going to go but I’ll no doubt give you another update when we reach the 4th December… yikes, that means exactly 1 month until the big day.
Back tomorrow my lovelies…. Mwah x

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