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Afternoon my lovelies…
So, did you see the bridal shoot I posted this morning? Bridal shoot with Ju Redondo Hmmm how gorgeous is Miss Kameliya? Ju Redondo did an amazing job, and I can’t wait to feature her next bridal shoot in a few weeks. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of Ju in the near future. 🙂
So, since we are having a Kameliya day today, I thought I’d ask this lovely lady a few questions, just so you get to know her a little better. Kameliya is one of the girls behind Event Factory, which was launched earlier this year.
Since you’ve launched Event Factory, what’s been your best moment so far?
We met  a destination wedding bride just two weeks before her wedding and  designed the wedding theme, all the decor, short-listed entertainment vendors and booked it all, managing and coordinating on the day and pulled off a successful event! The thrill of having done so much in so little time was fantastic.          
Are you planning weddings now?
Yes we are. We’ve got a few summer weddings in the pipeline and of course we’ll quite get busy post September for wedding season. We’re also working on inquiries for themed private parties for the winter months as this is something we specialize in as well.
How many brides do you have?
We have three for the summer and another four confirmed for the post summer months. We’re working on several proposals which are yet to be confirmed. We also have 2 grooms coordinating with us which is refreshing to see as obviously times are changing! 🙂
Kameliya, you’re about to be married/ just married… how you did you find planning your own wedding?
Since me and my husband belong to different ethnic backgrounds, we’re having a total of four weddings! We’ve had one in Africa which was a surprise wedding by my husband (fiancée back then) where we were adopted to African tribes, had our names changed, and wore traditional African clothes. It was the most interesting and amazing wedding experience. And then we had our second wedding in Abu-Dhabi with the muslim side of the family where we did the ‘writing of the book’. The next one is in Bulgaria which is hosted by my parents and I’ve left all the decisions entirely to them (apart from my dress design). The last one is next February in Thailand which is an intimate beach wedding for 50 of our closest friends. That is the one I am planning. It has put me in a position where I realize that I can even plan an overseas wedding by myself, the trick is to have the knowledge of wedding planning, project management, and to be willing to research like crazy. I am even shipping tiffany chairs from Phuket to Koh Samui as they do not have them on that island. But it has been an ease. I am very excited and just looking forward to the parties now! 🙂
What do you charge as a wedding planner?
The prices really depend on what brides want, we do customized packages for all brides and no two packages have been the same so far. For larger weddings that need pre-wedding planning along with on the day logistics, we charge a consultation fee depending on our scope of work. We specialize in decor and entertainment along with on-site management so brides looking for any of these services can feel free to contact us.
If you have any more questions of the event factory girls please drop them an email and they will be happy to help.  🙂
Contact details are…. kameliya@eventfactorydubai.com & menka@eventfactorydubai.com
Have a lovely weekend everyone. I’m off to do some DIY in my kitchen. #weddinggeek in the house! x

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