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5 questions with Katerina @ Vanila Wedding Boutique

I don’t know about you but I’m loving these summer questions with MLW vendors. Perhaps it’s because I’m a nosey minx and I like to know what people are doing?! Either way I’m hoping you’re enjoying them just as much as I am because we have more coming soon. If you missed the previous interviews you can check them out here. 
Today the gorgeous Katerina at Vanila Wedding Boutique is giving us the low down on her highs of the year so far and why she’s having a staycation here in Dubai.
Do you have any big plans for wedding season starting in October? 
Haha! That’s the best question, yes, we do have a lot of plans! But not to mention all, we will have one fantastic event for our lovely brides coming up till the end of the year, which I cannot disclose right now, otherwise it will not be a secret anymore, but it will definitely be helpful and inspiring for all the ladies getting married in 2017, so keep an eye on our news upcoming and we will keep you posted starting from September and of course with the help of MyLovelyWedding we will be able to spread this amazing piece of news!
What’s been the highlight of the last 6 months?
Well, Vanila Wedding Boutique in Dubai turned 1 year old in March this year and Vanila Wedding Boutique in Moscow got the “Best Bridal Boutique of the Country” award for the 3rd time in a row, so we are very happy about it and looking forward to growing here in Dubai and making more and more ladies happy and fulfilling their dreams.
What will you be doing this summer?
Well, actually, I’m staying all summer in Dubai, it is a great time to have things sorted out and organized, read a lot of books and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones, watch awesome old movies to get inspired for the autumn and winter time here and to visit friends around the UAE.
What will you be packing for your summer holidays? 
Since I’m staying in Dubai, I can’t really boast anything specific for the summer holidays packing – haha, but will definitely have to renew my makeup section and I’ll probably turn to Monica from MHG Beauty for a good piece of advice on this, we’ll do some proper girly shopping somewhere in August and will maybe get a new haircut for a change.
Any advice for brides getting married next season? 
Firstly, have the venues booked, as the best locations with best offers are gone very fast (same as dresses actually). Secondly, never hesitate with the decision on your wedding dress, even if you wedding is “far away” and especially if you wedding is “tomorrow”. If you feel like it’s yours, then it is. So, if you can’t stop thinking about it, get it now That’s the main advice and definitely one should enjoy the bridal moment, so keep on dreaming and creating.

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