5 reasons why I love Dubai weddings!

OK so this may be pretty obvious to the people who know me well, but if you’re newly engaged and new to this planning malarkey, maybe this will help!

  1. The weather! Sunshine, blue clouds and slim chances of rain make it a fabulous wedding destination for any bride and groom. From October – May you’re pretty much guaranteed good weather!
  2. The venues! The venues in Dubai are all so lovely in their own special way. I tend to forget how lucky we are that we have so many glamourous options to choose from. There really is something for everyone, even if you are looking for a green, garden style venue.. if you look hard enough you will find it. (aka Desert Palm, Arabian Ranches Golf Club) #Justsaying
  3. The Food! I’ve not once heard from a bride or groom that the food sucked at a wedding. Yes, it’s one of your biggest expenses when playing for your wedding in Dubai, but serving your guests good food is key to any good event. No one likes a hungry guest, or a hungry bride! Believe me, I know.
  4. It’s in the middle! One reason why so many couples get married in Dubai is because of it’s prime location. I have met so many people who have families scattered all over the place, and Dubai seems like the perfect meeting point.
  5. The wedding vendors! If it wasn’t for our wedding industry having so many great vendors I really don’t know if I’d be doing what I’m doing. It’s the people you and I work with that make ‘your wedding’ come to life and without lovely vendors that wouldn’t happen.

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