5 reasons why you should go green…

Here are my 5 reasons why you should go green on your wedding day…
If you’re still deciding your colour theme, and you’re not a fan of pink or the usual pastels then maybe you should add a touch of green? I love green because it’s so natural, fresh and has this lovely organic feel to it that other colours don’t. Here’s why you should go green… or at least consider it 😉
1. Green is one of those colours that looks great with any colour. You can add touches of other colours at the last minute and no one will ever know it wasn’t in the plan.

2. Plants are cost effective, rustic and generally awesome… well, I think so anyway. 😉

3. It makes a change for pastels, as much as I love pastels it’s nice to be a bit different.

4. The colour green isn’t ‘too’ girly, so your groom can’t complain!

5. You can use green apples in your decor, it’s cost effective and edible. yum yum yum!

Credits; Flowers on table; iloveswmag.com Plant pot centerpiece; stylemepretty.com Small square plant pots; frostedpetticoatblog.com Green bridesmaid w/ flowers; rusticweddingchic.com Green apple vases; ciaonewportbeach.blogspot.com
Back later my lovelies… happy planning!

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