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5 years on MLW now offers Full Wedding Planning!

It’s been nearly 5 years since I launched my blog, and it’s been one hell of a ride. I feel like I’m so lucky to have a job that I love. I started as a blogger, and soon after my own wedding, I became a wedding stylist. I coordinated a few weddings and realised it wasn’t for me. My focus was the decor, the theme and everything in between. It was then I knew that styling was my ‘thing’. In May it will mark 5 years since I launched My Lovely Wedding, which started as a pretty basic wedding blog with crap branding and a small following. There were times I nearly gave up, lost interest and wondered why I work so hard for so little money, but that’s just it. I never started this to be rich. My aim was never to make money, I promised myself to keep it ‘real’ and I’m pretty sure I’ve done just that.
A few months ago I found myself at a crossroad. Shall I continue what I’m doing and go with the flow or make changes and excel to MLW’s full potential as a fully fledge planning business. After Adeline was born I was so unsure of how I would manage my business, while being a stay at home working Mum.( OMG no one tells you how hard it is to get anything done). It’s hard but between Rupa and I (Adelines amazing Nanny) we manage and it’s only now that she’s 1, it’s getting easier to leave her for longer and know she’s ok. I styled 5 weddings this season but I know I can take on so much more, and I want it. I’ve got that drive back and it’s so exciting. BUT I’m not a wedding planner, nor do I want to be a wedding planner. I’m not great at that stuff but luckily for you and I my new sidekick Kara is, and she’s amazing. It’s only been a few weeks but we’ve already confirmed a bunch of weddings for next season and things are getting crazy. We have suddenly become busy and without even starting our new business plan. Isn’t it strange how things just happen? I truly believe in positive thinking.
So from now on folks My Lovely Wedding now offers full wedding planning + Styling and we couldn’t be happier.
I’ll be blogging about Kara again next week and all the planning info will be posted on the website very soon.
But for now… have a lovely day and I’ll be back soon!

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