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My Lovely Wedding update – 2 months to go!

Good morning my Lovelies.
How was your weekend? I can’t believe I’m saying this but I have ONLY 2 MONTHS UNTIL I GET MARRIED. That’s exactly 60 days until the biggest event of my life. Up until about a week ago I was feeling very chilled and very organised, but for some reason panic is starting to set in… not like real panic, run around and go crazy panic, just a little.. OMG I have so much to do.
I have family arriving from mid December so I need to have all the little bits and bobs done. Things like thank you cards, name place cards and little DIY bits out of the way, because actually even though its cheaper and more personal to make your own it is very time consuming. I’m trying to finish it all before the end of November.
Here’s a list of things I need to do and make…
Blackboards – these are going to be in a few areas, like the entrance, one for the order of ceremony and one for the bar.

Thank you cards – I can’t show you these until after the wedding, that just wouldn’t be fair for all my lovely guests would it 😉
Name place cards… I started these last month but they need to be finished. check out the last update *here*
Signage & wooden crate boxes – I’m currently looking into carpenters and I might of found one at my uncles work place. As much as I love my DIY I don’t think I’m the sawing kinda gal if you know what I mean. 😉

Table seating plan – I’m going use the RSVP photos for this… oh and for guests who haven’t sent me yours yet.. do it now!!!! (I’m not joking, I really do need them…lol)
And… I still haven’t confirmed flowers and decor items with Olivier Dolz, I think we are doing that this week. We are also meeting the lovely Rachel at The Montgomerie this weekend so hopefully starting to plan our menu. I’m afraid I can’t reveal that… just yet 😉
oh and this is my lovely venue, so pretty and green. What do you think?

Anyway, got to go people.. will be back this afternoon with more from My List, the first online gift registry. x x
Image credits; Blackboards; pocketfulofdreams.co.uk Crates; Pinterest The Montgomerie photos – by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding

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