7 Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

If your not a huge cake fan and your looking for an alternative option, then maybe one of these alternative wedding cakes ideas will inspire you.
I had a friend who had a ‘cheese’ wedding cake, and apparently it went down a treat. Who doesn’t like cheese? But then again, who doesn’t like cake? I personally like both. Here are a few ideas…
1. Cheese 
If you’re getting married in Dubai then I’m pretty sure you’re either getting married in a hotel or you’re having a catering team come in to feed your guests. Either way, if you’re looking for a cheesy wedding cake then they should be able to do it. If you’re on a budget, why not buy your own cheese from your local supermarket. I was wondering around Waitrose the other day and I did see big round blocks of cheese. Your florist could give you extra flowers and all you have to do is put it all together, and you’d have your very own DIY cheese cake.

2. A tower of strawberries
OK, so I’m not sure if this idea would be the cheapest option as fresh strawberries are mainly imported here, but it’s cute idea.. and super healthy too!

3. Doughnuts 
This would be the cheaper option, and probably one of the yummiest, that’s if you like doughnuts. I’m not a huge doughnut fan but If I was offered one at a wedding I wouldn’t say no!

4. Ice Cream
If you know me, you will know that I am an ice cream freak. I love ice cream more than most foods. This is awesome… but I think I’d want a cake and ice cream? Greedy much?

5. Macaroons
Stylish, classy and probably the most grown up option of the alternative cake ideas. Love this!!

6. Cake Pops
Cake Pops are so cute, and stacked like this make them even cuter. I think I would be pretty impressed if I saw this at a wedding!

6. Cookies
I think if you’re going to use cookies, then they should be homemade. This gingerbread cookie cake looks amazing. It would be perfect for a small rustic wedding, and could be served with little glasses of milk. How cute is that?

7. Pies
Again, if you’re going to replace a wedding cake with pies then they should be homemade. Everyone loves pie!

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