A beautiful Indian wedding in Geneva…

Happy Thursday lovely readers!
I tried to post this blog before I left the house this morning but it just didn’t happen. Fast forward 6 hours  and I’m finally back at my desk and ready to press ‘publish’. Today’s wedding video is blooming gorgeous. It’s got a sort of rawness to it that I really like. It’s not glitzy and glamorous, it organic and beautiful and edited perfectly. It was sent to me by my new friend Danilo at Arproductions Films in Italy a few weeks back and between now and then I must of watched it about 5 times. It’s easy to see why it’s so beautiful…
An interracial and interfaith wedding, both ceremonies were suggestive and beautiful. The civil ceremony was during the morning at the city hall of Cologny and in the afternoon the bride transformed for the Indian ceremony.  It’s amazing how far culture can go outside of it’s home country. The bride looked stunning in traditional Indian attire. The bride and groom both work at the International Federation of Red Cross in Geneva, where they met. The guests present at the ceremony were around 90 and during the party there were a mix of punjabi and bavarian traditions. Before the Indian ceremony the groom crossed the park of Geneva riding a white horse with a dancing procession of guests dressed in traditional clothes. During the procession they were dancing to suggestive Indian  music.  Regarding our consideration: we are fascinated by this marriage, its colors, its perfumes and emotions, we feel unique sensations.
Danilo – Arproductions Films

Sophie & Mukul | Punjabi-Bavarian Wedding in Geneva from Arproductions Films on Vimeo.
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Video by http://www.arproductionsfilms.com/
Music by themusicbed.com
P.S How cool are the still shots? Love love love! 🙂

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