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A colourful Nigerian wedding ♥

Last week the lovely Italian photographer Alessandra, sent met this colourful Nigerian wedding. Women in Wedding photographed Gbemi & Yewi’s big day, which was full of smiles, laughter and lots of colour. Alessandra wrote about her experience with the bride and groom, and It’s really interesting to read a story from the photographers perspective. Her words are beautiful… and if you fancy a good read, check out her blog http://womeninwedding.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/colorful-nigerian-wedding/
‘The guests wear traditional Nigerian dresses. Yellow is the color that paints this incredible day, impressing our camera lens. The “gele” or the headgear, a rectangular piece of colored textile, is folded in a multitude of ways to ensure that is high on the head of the wearer’. – Alessandra E Marta

Photography by Women in Wedding
The venue – Ritz Carlton in Dubai
wedding and event planner Empire Events in Dubai
Back later my lovelies x

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