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A Dubai love story with a Canadian twist…

Morning folks!
This week is turning out to be pretty darn awesome. I started off with a jam packed blog post about Sophia & Mark’s wedding decor, followed by a stunning wedding in Rome, and now this!! Photographed by Nightscales Photography this engagement shoot on the Palm not only showcases our amazing Dubai skyline but how happy and in love today’s couple are. 🙂
Mary-Alsion & Lee met in Dubai and are planning their wedding in a CASTLE… in Italy. (I know, I’m also a little bit jealous of the castle bit.) Their proposal story is so sweet that it nearly made me cry.  2015-03-10_0001 2015-03-10_0002 2015-03-10_0003 2015-03-10_0004 2015-03-10_0005 2015-03-10_0006 2015-03-10_0007 2015-03-10_0008 2015-03-10_0009 2015-03-10_0010 2015-03-10_0011 2015-03-10_0012 2015-03-10_0013
How they met…
Lee and I met at a mutual friends birthday party. It was a party on the Palm that was called Float-a-palooza, because several floats had been tied together in the water to encourage guests to have a giant float session. Lee approached me while I was on the beach and was very witty. He later looked me up on Facebook to ask me out on a date.
Mary-Alison Nightscales 2
How they got engaged…
In the summer of 2014, Lee flew to Canada with a ring in his pocket and intentions to ask for my hand in marriage. He aasked my father for my hand in marriage while we were on a day trip to Quebec. My father of course agreed and afterwards, little to my knowledge, they celebrated over poutine (a very Canadian dish!)!
My fathers advised Lee to wait until the Rockies, (Western Canada), to propose. Lee took his advise.  When we reached Alberta we set off on a day of hiking and adventures through the beautiful scenery stretched across Jasper and Banff National Parks. We held hands, strolled down paths, took amazing photographs and watched cascading waterfalls.
As the day got later, we had one last stop to make before we got to Baniff (I actually told Lee that this had to be the last stop of the day if we were going to be able to meet our friends that night). The stop was at Peyto Lake. When we arrived at the lookout, there was a couple enjoying the amazing view.  I quickly told Lee to ask them to take a photo of the two of us. It had been a day full of selfies or individual shots, so we were excited to get a photo together.
Little did I know how important these photos would become! Lee said to me, “Let’s take a photo looking out over the lake”. I agreed and looked out with Lee behind me. I felt Lee shift around a bit and heard the woman who was with the man taking the picture gasp! I knew immediately that Lee had to be down on one knee. I began to cry and took a minute to compose myself before I turned around.  When I did, there he was, down on one knee, all I could do was kiss him and say YES!!!
The Italian wedding…
We have chosen to get married in Italy for a few reasons. The primarily reason is that  my mother was Italian and was born  in Italy. I thought that getting married in a place that we are tied to seemed right.  Seeing as Lee is English and I am Canadian, Europe also seemed like the right choice geographically! Around 125 guests will be travelling to attend our wedding in Fiesole, Italy at Catello Vincigliata
Big thanks to Jacqui for taking such gorgeous images… and a massive wedding shout out to the happy couple!
*For more information on Nightscales Photography please visit www.nightscalesphotography.com

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