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A lovely summer wedding at Lake Como, Italy

I often keep in touch with Alessandra at Women In Wedding, and now and again an email pops up with a new wedding they like me to feature. I of course, am always over the moon to post their work. They have a style that makes them unique and different to any other photographer I know. Women In Wedding spend the majority of the year in Dubai, and over the summer they head back to Italy to escape Dubai’s hottest months.
Here is a snippet of what they had to say about their beautiful bride Emma…
A cheerful and elegant australian wedding Emma and Dominic decide to get marry in Italy on our lake, which offers a wonderful sunny day. In Villa Lucia, Lenno, which has as view the Como waters , the bride is brilliant. Along with the bridesmaids, with the same silk dress, Emma is getting ready for the ceremony. The pageboy and the pretty little maid, dressed in fairytale fashion, accompany the bride on the altar. In the delightful room in Villa Lucia, it’s time to wear the dress who has chosen, the rigid top and adorned with white lace that make her look princely. Her eyes are perfect, from light blue and intense as if they were illuminated by natural light, and speak through our lens. She is smiling, she gracefully poses to our photographs, she is so beautiful to be wonderful. – Alessandra – Women In Wedding
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Even without the flowers, the candles and the pale tiffany blue details, this wedding would be just as stunning. A venue like this only needs a bride and groom to make it a wedding. It’s full of character, and that’s what makes it so beautiful. It’s very romantic. I hope I’ve left you feeling a little inspired, and maybe a little envious of this beautiful wedding. #weddingenvy
If you’d like to see more from Emma & Dominic’s wedding in Italy please click here *http://womeninwedding.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/australian-wedding/*
All images by Women in Wedding.

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