Maria in the raw – filmed by Monica ♥

Hello lovely readers,
A few months back I met Monica,  she gave me a mini makeover and then I wrote this *https://mylovelywedding.com/a-little-makeover-by-monica-♥/* Today I’m back with Monica and a very cool video about Dubai wedding photographer ‘Maria Sundin. Monica’s not only a makeup pro, but she’s creative in other ways too. I just love the video she’s put together… it’s so interesting to get to know Maria, and yes, the video is a little amateur, but one can’t cut videos and be a makeup pro… that would just be greedy 😉 Hehehe…

I love doing hair and makeup for brides. I enjoy every second of the process and really put my mind and emotions into it, so when the day comes, I am super inspired and ready to reflect all of that through my work. From the moment I meet a bride I try to learn as much as I can from their personality; what they like, how they dress, what their wedding theme is gonna be, what music they listen to, the color of their dress, and the accessories they’ll be wearing that day, to the instant right when I finish their hair and makeup, they look at themselves in the mirror and realize…it’s their wedding day. Priceless. Yet, who I’ve come to learn is one of my precious “partners in crime”, is always the photographer. For me, as a hair and makeup artist, she/he is the one that captures my art in what the bride and groom will be able to cherish and share forever: their wedding photographs.This is why I chose to interview one of my favorite Dubai wedding photographers and share this video with you. She is absolutely amazing. Please watch, it’s titled “Maria Sundin in the raw“. I am sure you’ll want to book her ASAP. – Monica


Check out the before and after photos of Maria. She’s a beautiful girl, so it made my job that much easier. 🙂 If you’re getting married in Dubai maybe I can help you on your wedding day? You can email me at monicahg@outlook.com or call me on 056 1792 811 for my prices.

Makeup by Monica
For more pretty pictures and bridal makeup inspiration check out Monica’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/monicamakeupdubai

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