A makeup education with Monica…

I’ve said this before but I’m not one of these girls who has a natural flare for makeup. I can just about put together a decent look, which often features smudged black eye liner and a basic coat of foundation. I’m juts not very good at it, and no one has ever really guided me in the right direction. I also feel rather intimidated by those girls at makeup counters, ya know the ones who are always so ‘overdone’ they look like they should be at a rave rather then at the entrance of Debenhams. I may sound silly but I feel like they would judge me for knowing so little.
Anyway, so when my friend Monica offered to give me a ‘makeup education‘ followed by coffee at Starbucks I answered with a big phat YES.
We went off to Marina Mall and started with a trip to Sephora. I requested we buy cruelty free makeup products, so Monica suggested I use Bare Minereals. I stocked up on primer for my face and eyes, and we picked a really nice concealer which is super easy to apply. I had no idea how cool the primer is, it basically prepares your skin and makes it smooth before you apply foundation. It’s so good. I feel like I’m finally learning about makeup. {Well, this is a makeup education after all}
I was also persuaded to swap my usual black eye liner for a dark green shade. At first I wasn’t sure but when It’s on it’s really nice, and it doesn’t look so harsh against my pale skin.  I also bought new makeup brushes from MAC because Monica was not impressed that I had been using the same brush for foundation and blusher. – No judging please lol! 
Even though I had to spend a fair bit of money of buying the essentials in one go I think it was totally worth it. I feel like I’m on the road to makeup success!
If you’re like me and need a little advise, or fancy cutting back on your big day and applying your own makeup then Monica is you’re go-to- girl. She can advise you on colour tones, brands and help you choose makeup that suits your skin type.
To find out more please drop Monica and email at monicahg@outlook.com or call her on 056 1792 811.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/monicamakeupdubai

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