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A personal ramble about podcasts and dream clients.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching, not just about who I am but where I see MLW going and what makes us ‘us’. I’ve been trying to educate myself on marketing and I’m trying so much harder on social media, something that doesn’t come easy for me. It’s strange because I can happily pour my heart out on my blog, but Instagram feels so real, and in your face. 

Part of my new self education is listening to podcasts, and I’m about to sit down and dive into the world of youtube. Now that the world is on pause, and we are at home all day, apart from the daily walk up the road I have some time to focus on learning.

Podcasts I love.

The two podcasts I listen to frequently are; Perspective by Cinemate Wedding Films and The evolve your wedding business podcast with Hedi Thompson. Both really good podcasts for wedding industry folk, and it’s surprising how a 1 hour conversation can get your head spinning with new ideas. It’s made me realize that for the past 5 years I have literally done NO marketing apart from blogging. I’ve never had a plan, nor paid for google ads, or actually planned my social media. So now I’m making a change and taking it seriously. MLW has a dream client and we will find you… or you will find us??

So who is our dream client?

Well, after many discussions and coffee morning rants with my side kick Mona, we realized we are damn bloody good at the small, intimate weddings with loads of love, personal touches and just fun stuff. Perhaps they are a young professional couple with a desire to travel the world. I assume they would love animals, maybe prefer dogs than cats but if you’re a cat person its cool, Mona is a cat person. She hates dogs. They probably appreciate fine wine, beach days, extreme fun and family. Family comes first. They want a relaxed yet beautiful wedding which represents them, nothing too stuffy or formal. It’s all about the love.

We hate trussing.

We avoid large production, we hate trussing (thats the metal stands that hold up lighting and flashing lights), we avoid wasting money and our aim is to create a beautiful wedding setting for memories to be made. I truly believe that you can make magic on reasonable budgets, and as I always say I would rather my couples spend more money on an amazing photographer, than a lavish backdrop for selfie pics. Invest in flowers that your guests will see and feel close up, rather than over the top backdrops. Stationery can add so much to a wedding, and it’s the smallest things that make a big difference. A personalized thank you note instead of a menu perhaps?

Wordy updates.

If you’ve been on the website you may of noticed a few wordy updates. Wording is so important, and providing the information in right way is also so important. Over the next few months you’ll see a change, we will hopefully be adding Mona to the MLW website, and my blogging calendar is going to be on fire!!! Ok, well maybe 3 posts a week.. thats still good right?

So watch this space… MLW is getting busy. ( from home, at a safe distance)

Sending love and hugs xx

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