A pretty Dubai wedding video by Goldfish

Afternoon Lovelies,
I thought I would post a very lovely video by Goldfish Photography and Video. It’s Saturday so I know most of you will be in ‘weekend mode’ so this seems like the perfect mini post. And plus… who doesn’t like wedding videos?
I didn’t realise until last week that Goldfish Photography and Video are actually pretty big players in the corporate, baby, and lifestyle world… and obviously the wedding world too. No wonder they are so busy. With a talented team under the Goldfish name this small company have had an incredible year. It’s a shame that I can’t always post their wedding work because of religious reasons but I wanted to remind you all that if you are having an indoor wedding, or maybe you’re local and want to keep your wedding as private as possible then don’t forget to consider Goldfish for your wedding day. I haven’t really mentioned it before so thought I’d do so today. 🙂
Hope you enjoy this pretty video…

Scott and jess from Goldfish Dubai on Vimeo.
Oh and how much do you love One and Only Royal Mirage? It’s so romantic! 
Have a fabulous Saturday everyone!

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