A rambling update… 33 weeks pregnant!

Hey Lovelies,
I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Adeline was sick for about 13 days and literally hung off my leg whenever I went. Looking after a grumpy snot covered toddler wasn’t my idea of fun, but we got through it and today she is happily back at nursery. Phew!

{Sneak peek at our family shoot photographed by Chloe Lodge
I’m now 33 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty big. I think I forgot how uncomfortable you get towards the end, and how bending over to pick stuff up is actually a small mission. I’ve decided I’m going to take some mornings off to relax and basically watch TV, get my nails done or just catch up with friends. In approximately 7 weeks, life will change forever and I’m pretty sure I won’t have any free time to myself for at least another 6 months.
A while ago I posted some photos of my horrible brown kitchen which we were about to renovate and 3 weeks later it’s nearly complete. I have a few things pending such as a ‘feature wall’, some hooks, and rails to go up and the cooker hood to be installed. Once it’s complete I’ll share before and after images on here and Instagram. But I must say, I’m rather happy with my new floor and subway tiles… it’s so nice to actually love my kitchen and want to keep it nice. We moved our dining table into the kitchen, so we are now using it as a family space, rather than ‘cook, create food mess and leave.’ Lol. I can’t wait to share some photos soon!
A quick one with regards to weddings… we are taking bookings for next season and early next year. Our November is already pretty busy but we would love to hear from you and perhaps meet for coffee before life gets a bit crazy. 😉 I’ll technically be taking some time off over the summer but I’ll be back into work mode from early October. Luckily this little baby figured out the wedding season and made my life much easier with his arrival expected in late May 😉 hehehe.
Anyway, better dash… wedding proposals to write, a spinneys shop to do and possibly a few more blog posts.
As always… thanks for reading.
Love and hugs
Joelle x

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