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A Thailand inspired wedding passport ♥

Creative Box designer and founder, Ritu gives us a full insight on how she goes from the meet and greet, to the final product.

We met the bride and the groom and they briefed us with the colors they had in mind for their invitation – Blue and Coral – particularly because it is a beach wedding i.e. in Phuket, Thailand. It was an open brief, allowing us to explore and design whatever we thought was appropriate. Also they wanted us to create a monogram for their wedding. 
Creating a mood board makes everything much clearer for the designer and the bride & groom. It showcases the colours, ideas and sets the beginning of designing the invitations. It showcases the colors keeping in mind our client’s request.
The idea behind the cover of the invitation is as follows:
We have used the authentic Thai art (prints of Thailand) as the main design on which the monogram rests. 
Also, the use of elephants on either side of the monogram is significant, as they are the national animals of Thailand. 
Lastly, the type i.e. the initials of the bride and groom are written in a font very similar and identical to the Thai language – however the letters are in English to ensure the legibility for the guests. 
Inside the invitation:
Since it is a passport invitation, the first page has been recreated to match the actual passport and all information about the couple has been shared here. For example, the date of first meeting, the date of proposal and finally the wedding date. Following which is the formal invitation to the wedding. The rest of the pages were filled with information on the travel, accommodation, island transport and things to do in Phuket. Hence making it a concise invitation. 
For more info check out the Creative Box facebook page or give Ritu a call on 0557681840 for enquiries and prices.
Big thanks to Ritu for sharing… more coming soon ♥

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