Add a touch of winter sparkle…

In keeping with today’s festive vibe I thought I’d get creative at home…
Fancy adding a touch of winter sparkle to your dining table? Here’s what I did earlier….

And here is where I got the following…
Flowers: I got the flowers from a friend of mine who came to our holiday party on Friday. Instead of using all of them in a vase I took a few pieces out and placed them in-between the candles.
Candles: The bigger tea light holders are from The One, and the little square holders are from Ikea. I’ve had them for ages, but I’m pretty sure they are still available to buy. (And from my memory, they were really cheap)
Silver mat: Believe it or not, the silver mat is actually some left over wrapping paper from last year. It was in one of those fancy packs but didn’t really wrap so well so I didn’t use all of it. It works quite well doesn’t it 🙂
Jam jars & flowers: These are actually the jars that I’m using on my wedding day, but I thought I might as well use them as much as I can. The lace is from Satwa and I got 2 huge bunches of baby breath from Spinneys on Al Wasl road for only AED30. Bargin!
Napkins: I got these from Sri Lanka earlier this year, they are amazing.
Napkin rings: These silver bug napkin rings are from an old friend, I’ve had them for years. They are so cute, I really should use them more often.
Cookies: These delicious looking cookies are from my lovely friend Clare, she got them from Lime Tree Cafe… yum!
Next week I’m going purple…. watch this space. 😉 xx

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