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Adeline turns 3 with a enchanted fairy birthday party at home in Dubai.

Oh hey guys,
So its been a while since I blogged about my kids. I have two small rugrats that I absolutely adore 99% of the time. Sometimes they drive me crazy but I really try not to get overly stressed out, to relax when paint is splattered all over my floor and if bed time runs late, embrace it with extra cuddles and 2 more books. (I said try)  It’s the only way I won’t loose my mind. Balancing mum life and my business is a constant juggle but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Edison is nearly 10 months old and Adeline turned 3 on the 9th March. We celebrated with lots of friends at our home in Green Community Motor City. Our garden had never looked so busy and I loved every minute of it. During the run up to the party my side kick Mona helped me create an enchanted fairy theme that would add just a little touch of magic to Adelines birthday party. Mona hand cut minature fairies and designed the most beautiful welcome sign that stood at the front of our house. I created garlands with dried flowers and created flower pots for the fairies and butterflies to sit on. It felt so special.

My mum bought Adeline the prettiest fairy dress from Dargon Mart a few weeks before, it was a total bargain at only AED 60! Don’t ask me where the shop was but it was somewhere in the fashion section. 🙂

Thanks to the amazing Bernie + Bindi for taking going over and battling the toddlers to take photos. It means the world just to have a few professional images of our little Adeline.

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